Calorie Counting Explained Easily

If you are feeling a bit too lazy to read, be sure to check this video out. It provides a good summary in regards to calorie counting and how one should go about losing weight in a sustainable fashion.

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How to approach weight loss?

There is generally two ways of losing weight. One is a crash diet that works in the short term but nearly always fails in the long term. And two is a slower but long lasting and sustainable approach. So it is pretty clear which one is the best option.

Your body prefers slow changes. This also rules out diets which include excessive and unsustainable exercise.

The human body needs energy to function. In order to therefore lose weight, you need to consume less energy than you burn. This is why calorie counting is so effective providing it is done correctly.

Your body needs to start to use your fat stores as energy, when it starts to do so, you will then start to lose weight. If you are consistently consuming more energy (calories) than what you burn, then you will always be putting on weight.

Gradual changes are best

Try and reduce your calories slowly. Pick a realistic amount where as it will be enough to start the weight loss process, but not too much that it will cause you to give up. Check out this website on where to buy yacon syrup. It has a lot of articles not just on yacon syrup but on great examples of achieving fast but realistic weight loss. You may want to start excessing as well, however remember keep things realistic. Unsustainable dieting practices are often worse than no diet at all. Often you will end up putting all the weight back on plus some more. Don’t set yourself up to fail.

Even just light exercise is a great start. You don’t need to be hitting the gym every single day and doing hour long workouts. Whilst you should focus your attention mostly on your diets, excersise will burn calories.

However at the end of the day, as said before, you must reduce your calorie intake. A good way to cut out calories without actually counting them is to reduce intake of some of the following foods:

  • Drinks high in sugar such as soft drinks

  • Juice (often have a huge amount of calories)

  • Alcohol (again high in calories)

  • High carb foods

Remember eating big servings of things like pasta will have a lot of calories. Too much of anything will put on fat, that includes healthy pastas.

Another important tip is to not skip meals. If you start skipping meals, what generally happens is you start to feel bad and you will end up topping up on unhealthy snacks. Remember, the aim is to reduce your overal calorie intake by enough so as to gradually lose weight. The aim is not to starve ourselves. Starving yourself, or reducing calories by a huge amount is not sustainable.

Be patient!

Everyones body is different, don’t compare yourself to others. Look at the long term results, not day by day. Instead of weighing yourself each day, how about do it once a week. Focus your efforts into watching your diet rather than obsessing about minimal day by day weight loss.

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What your hair and scalp tells you about your health?

If you have an itchy scalp and white or sometimes yellow flakes then you most likely have dandruff. Dandruff is fairly common, however I often see people blaming ones overall health for the condition. So is this true? Well, it is possible, but quite unlikely.

Whilst taking care of your health can have a range of benefits, including your hair, dandruff is usually not a direct cause of any health conditions. It is however possible that some medications may cause or exacerbate the issue.

So what causes dandruff then?

There is a number of different possibilities.

Dry Skin

This is a major cause of dandruff. Certain people just have drier skin, as it becomes too dry, larger flakes of dead skin fall off your scalp. Whilst it is normal for dead skin to fall off your scalp all the time, when your scalp is extremley dry, there can be far more dead skin than usual.healthyhair

Oily Scalp

Oily skin can also cause similar problems to that of dry skin. Large chunks of skin can fall off, that is why it is important to be using the right products or shampoos on your hair.

Neglecting hygiene or grooming standards

This could mean using too much products in your hair or not enough. Be sure to read directions on shampoos.

If you want to learn more about how to get rid of dandruff fast, or further info on the causes of dandruff, please visit

So where does general health come into the equation?

It is possible for wider health concerns or issues in your life to make dandruff worse. This may include things like extra stress or a poor diet and nutrition leading to a weak immune system.

However in most cases it is going to be one of the three issues above. So before consulting a doctor, take more care in the way you wash your hair. Try to use products that will avoid making your scalp dry or oily. This is likely to be the culprit.dandruff

Other FAQ’s

Is dandruff contagious?

No dandruff is not contagious. Annoying and embarrassing, but dandruff is not contagious nor is it actually harmful (apart from irritating your skin)

How should I treat dandruff?

Take not of the causes of dandruff above. You need to find a way of getting to the root cause of the issue. So this may mean using a stronger anti dandruff shampoo. Or perhaps you are using the wrong shampoo? Maybe your shampoo is actually making your skin drier and causing the issue itself?

What if my dandruff is yellow? Is this bad?

Dandruff with a yellow color, as opposed to white, may mean that it is caused by fungus or hormones. However the treatment is still exactly the same. You need to reduce the dryness of your scalp by using the correct shampoos.

Is dandruff related to hair loss?

No, these are two separate issues. Dandruff does not have anything to do with hair loss.

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